transferable service truck bodies

SpaceKap – Transferable Service Bodies

SpaceKap SavingsThe SpaceKap was built to be transferred from one pick-up truck to another. This will allow users to re-use the equipment inside the SpaceKap over and over again while keeping the truck(s) newer and younger as well. When changing from truck to truck, you will not be tied down to a single model or make, in fact your SpaceKap will fit all full size trucks with the same bed length (6.5’ or 8’).The chart on the right shows the estimated savings over 4 vehicles. Total initial savings for changing just one van to a pick-up with a SpaceKap would be $35,000, but the savings do not stop there.

Fuel EconomyWith the ever increasing cost of gas, fuel economy has become a major concern and point of interest to companies across the globe. Not only are vehicles becoming more and more fuel efficient, todays pick-ups consume on average 12% less fuel than a cargo van.

The chart on the left shows the MPG per vehicle provided by The U.S. Department of Energy. For a vehicle that runs a total of 20,000 miles in a year, you will save 250 gallons of fuel or $870 per year based on the current National gasoline price average.



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