Small Van Comparisions

Feature2009-2013 Ford Transit Connect2014-Current Ford Transit Connect SWB2014-Current Ford Transit Connect LWBRam C/VRam ProMaster CityNissan NV200/ Chevy City
Engine2.0L 4cyl1.6L 4cyl Turbo or 2.5L 4 cyl1.6L 4cyl Turbo or 2.5L 4 cyl3.6L 6cyl2.4L 4cyl2.0L 4cyl
Curb Weight3,373lbs3,467lbs3,580lbs4,141lbs3,497lbs3,260lbs
Floor Length81"71.54"87.28"96"87.2"82.8"
Length w/ Partition71"59"75"84"75"70"
Max Cargo Height59.1"49.69"49.69"48.2'51.8"53"
Cargo Width at Fenders48.1"46.75"46.75"49" (with plastic)48.4"48"
Side Door Open Width32.1"24.09"33.03"27.7"26"28.7"
Side Door Open Height46.9"48.35"48.35"44.5"46"45.8"
Rear Door Open Height52.1"43.98"43.98"38.1"49"48.6"
Rear Door Open Width50.2"49.25"49.25"50.1"48.4"50.9"
Overall Height79.3"72.48"72.76"69"74"73.7"
Overall Width70.7"72.24"72.24"78.7"72.1"68.1"
Overall Length180.7"173.94"189.69"202.8"187.5"186.3"
Lift Over Floor Height23.1"22'22"26.2"23.25"21.1"
CU FT of Space167.9cf105.94cf130.66cf155.5cf131.7cf122.7cf

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