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Municipal Water Department Truck, from Stonebrooke Equipment, Keeps the Water Running; Sun, Snow and Rain

Municipal Water Department Truck, from Stonebrooke Equipment, Keeps the Water Running; Sun, Snow and Rain

Client is a city municipality, located just east of St Paul, MN. The city water department had the need for a service vehicle that could be used to service city water pumps and pipe, on and off road, year round. In the winter, this means that the truck needed to travel off-road to access and service pumps and water lines that could buried beneath several feet of snow. Therefore, the truck needed to have a snowplow that could clear a path to the service site. Four-wheel drive capability was mandatory for plowing power and traction to get in and get out of remote service areas. The truck also needed to have a service body with room to carry tools, supplies and repair part of all sizes. To top-off the service body, a truck mounted electric crane was needed to remove and replace water pumps and water lines. A power inverter powers the crane and tools. Stonebrooke worked with the city to understand their needs and to suggest the right truck equipment solutions that would meet their application needs and budgetary requirements.
Chevrolet 3500 Heavy Duty, Four-Wheel Drive.
The City and the City Water Department were pleased with the upfit, utility and performance of the vehicle. The truck is nimble for fast response to service needs on and off road.

Omaha Standard Service Body- Galvanized Steel

  • Stainless steel door hinges with internal bolt attachment for optimum security and ease of replacement.
  • Bonded compartment door panels for the most rigid, sturdy doors on any service body on the market.
  • Stainless steel paddle latches.
  • Full automotive type neoprene door seals.

Venturo ET6K Crane Electric – Hydraulic Power

  • Low-cost, low-weight, operator certification exempt.
  • Service crane with 6,000 ft. lbs., 2,000 lbs. lifting capacity.
  • Electric winch, rotation and hydraulic elevation with manual extension.
  • Remote control pendent.

GoPower Power Inverter

  • Provides electric power for crane and tools in any location.
  • Compact design that fits all light-medium duty truck needs.

Blizzard 8100 Power Plow

  • 8’6” Plow blade that expands the moldboard to 11′ width hydraulically.
  • Independently controlled wings gives control and snow mowing performance.

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