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City Updates Traffic Control Vehicles – Improves On-Site Service

City Updates Traffic Control Vehicles – Improves On-Site Service

Client is a Traffic Control Department of a large metropolitan city. They are responsible for the maintenance and repair of all traffic control equipment within the city limits. This includes traffic lights, warning and directional signs. Many of the lights and signs have fiber optic cable and are computer controlled. As the equipment became more complicated, more complex maintenance and repairs became necessary. To keep up with the more complex on-site maintenance/repair, they needed to update their service vehicle fleet to be fully equipped to complete all needed work on-site. Essentially, they wanted a complete mobile repair shop that was well lit and temperature controlled.
RAM ProMaster 2500 High Roof Van. The High Roof provides the additional room needed to complete the needed work.
The customer was pleased with the completed project. The vehicle set-up allows technicians to complete the needed work in the van. The high quality of all the components installed will provide the required utility for many years.

 Rigid, Tough, Non-Slip Custom Flooring
Provides an optimal work surface.

• Spray-In Adhesive Insulating Foam
Provides added insulation for interior temperature control and noise deadening.

• Wall and Ceiling Liners
Provides added insulation for interior temperature control, noise deadening and good looks.

• LED Dome Lighting System
Provides optimal lighting for work space.

• Partition with Walk-Through Door
Provides step-through convenience to access to cargo and work area.

• Custom, Lightweight, Shelving and Storage System
Optimizes space in van to provide a large center work space area. Shelving is set-up for ease of access to small and large components. Provides organization and storage space.

• Custom Work Bench with Parts/Tool Bins. Over Bench Recessed LED Lights
Provides maximum workspace utility.

• Overhead HVAC System for Cargo/Work Area
Keeps work space warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

• Directional Light Bar and Warning Lights
Provides warning lights for traffic for technician and public safety.

• Rear Door Sealed Access Portal
Enables technician to pull fiber-optic cable into a closed van for splicing/repairs.

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