transferable service truck bodies

Commercial Dealers


A Trusted Partner

At Stonebrooke, we help our dealer network move more inventory by providing Insight Driven Solutions that uniquely meet customers’ specific demands. Stonebrooke is a trusted partner throughout the planning and sales process. Our wealth of experience and deep knowledge of the industry keep you up to speed on vehicle specs, capabilities and possibilities.


Stonebrooke understands the multitude of challenges faced by commercial dealers, including:

  • The constant pressure to move inventory
  • An extremely demanding industry that is historically disloyal
  • A lack of detailed technical or product knowledge within the organization


Stonebrooke combats these challenges better than any other upfitter. We allow dealers access to our full-service showroom. We communicate with the end user in collaboration with you. We even work proactively to educate your personnel on our capabilities by scheduling in-person visits. This is how Stonebrooke builds trust and credibility with our commercial dealer network.

Corporate Headquarters

Located in the south suburbs of Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota, we are centrally located to serve our customers nationwide.