(September 2, 2015) Burnsville, MN — Stonebrooke Equipment addresses the discontinuation of Blizzard® Snow Plows

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Plowing the rumors behind the Blizzard® Plow

Since its’ unveiling at the 2015 NTEA show in March, rumors surrounding the new line of SnowEx® plows have “drifted” like the piles of snow that Blizzard® Plow so effectively removed. So, what has happened to the Godfather of “hinged” plows? Simply put, Blizzard® has been rebranded by Douglas Dynamics, under the SnowEx label (also owned by Douglas Dynamics). With the new SnowEx® line of plows, you will see “no” white, but you will find that the gunmetal gray appearance is not the only upgrade.

With the exception of color, the moldboard on the “hinged plows” have not changed from that of the Blizzard®, however, it is now manufactured with continuous robotic welds. The most noticeable “design changes are with the cylinders. The angle cylinder has been changed from 1-3/4” on the Blizzard®, to 1-1/2”, making the SnowEx® noticeably quicker. The lift cylinder is now attached to the frame, lifting vertically, is easily accessible , and eliminates bouncing while transporting. SnowEx® has also introduced the AutomatixxTM  Attachment system. The stand goes up and down when attaching and removing the plow, is accessed only on the drivers side, completed in 3 steps, and in just seconds.

It is not a rumor that I work for Stonebrooke Equipment, and Stonebrooke Equipment was one of the largest distributors of the Blizzard® plow. It is also not a rumor that I plowed commercially for nearly 25 years, and used the Blizzard® Plow in my own fleet, purchased, as a customer, through Stonebrooke Equipment. It is also not a rumor that I chose to work with Stonebrooke, long before I ever owned a “hinged plow.” Their knowledge, integrity, dependability, and commitment to the customer are the very reasons I chose to park my plow, and become an employee; traits that you will also find in the SnowEx® line of plows.