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Raising the Roof on Your Commercial Van Fleet

Raising the Roof on Your Commercial Van Fleet

How to sort through the pros and cons of taller roofs in commercial vans

by Dale Oberg, Sales Manager

 Roof Heights

Wow! That’s about all you can say when you look back at the number of different commercial van models with different roof heights that manufacturers have introduced over the past couple of years.

There are so many cargo van roof heights available that it can be a challenge to figure out what’s best for your business. So…. Low roof? Medium roof? High roof? Standard roof? What’s a fleet manager or small business owner to do?

Here are some questions you can ask yourself and your team to get to the tall and the short of the decision.

  • How would the company and our people benefit from work vans with taller roofs?
  • What problems or challenges do our technicians run into because the van roofs aren’t tall enough?
  • Do our technicians need to do a lot of work inside their vans? Would the ability to stand up in taller vans contribute to better ergonomics and keep them safer?
  • Will being able to stand up in a taller van make our technicians more efficient and productive, and by extension make the business more profitable?
  • Would a taller roof create any new or different problems?
  • Does anything need to be on top of our vans, like cargo racks, ladder racks or pipe chases?
  • Storing ladders or pipe chases inside results in a cleaner, more professional look. Would the extra space inside a taller commercial van allow our people to move them inside?
  • Are there low garages or buildings with low entrance clearances the vans will need enter?
  • Would the company benefit from the additional cargo space in taller vans?
  • Cargo vans with higher roofs weigh more than those with a low roofs. How will that impact payload capacity?
  • Would we be able to do more or better advertising on the sides of taller work vans (e.g., full-body decal wraps)?
  • How will taller, heavier vans impact operational expenses such as fuel costs and maintenance due to wear on breaks, the drive-line and so on?

Remember, what’s ideal for one company’s van fleet might not be the right choice for yours. What’s best can be different even from one driver or technician to the next.

It’s a good idea to work with your truck dealer and equipment upfitter to choose the best commercial vans and equipment upfits for your operation. After all, you’re the expert when it comes to your company, your fleet and the work you do, your truck dealer is the expert on vehicles and your equipment upfitter is the expert on equipment. Together, we can find the best van, and best van roof height, for your fleet!

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