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Added Security for Commercial Vans Solutions for the Workin’ Man, Your Equipment, Tools & Parts

Added Security for Commercial Vans Solutions for the Workin’ Man, Your Equipment, Tools & Parts

Upfit your cargo van with security that will protect the vehicle, equipment, tools and parts.

by Aaron Seed, Application Specialist

You work hard all day, every day to do the job right, earn a living and reinvest in your business. With the right security systems and accessories for your commercial van, you’ll be able to sleep soundly all night, every night, too.

Whether you’re an electrician or HVAC technician, a medical device salesperson, a plumber, carpenter, food deliverer, cable or satellite TV installer or someone in dozens of other van-using professions, your vehicle and the equipment, parts and tools inside are your life. Having them stolen? Unthinkable.

Unfortunately, most individuals and fleet managers in these industries don’t think about extra security until something or everything has already been stolen. The right time to think about it is the same time you’re upfitting vans for work-a-day convenience, efficiency and ergonomics.

So what options do you have to protect your work van and what’s stored inside? Here are a few we always recommend:

Window GrillsWindow Grilles

Window grilles are a popular option when you need the visibility of a window van but want the security of a non-window van. They’re made of 1/8-inch thick steel mesh and fastened to the van steel with automotive-grade fasteners. Just having window grilles is a strong deterrent for anyone who might be thinking of getting into your van; for would-be thieves who try anyway, grilles are highly effective in keeping them out.

Puck Locks

Puck Locks

If you want the equivalent of a mobile lock box, puck locks are the way to go. These locks provide the most secure way of locking your doors. Some models attach to the vehicle’s existing factory holes so no drilling is required.

Electric Deadbolt

Electronic Deadbolts

Deadbolt. The name says it all. Any attempt to get past these locks is dead before it ever takes a breath. These ¾-inch-thick stainless steel locks slide between the doors to prevent unwanted access. They’re more convenient than puck locks because they operate electronically along with the vehicle’s locks.


Lockable Interior Systems

If thieves do manage to get into your van, make sure they can’t take anything back out with them. Have lockable interior drawer systems and shelf doors installed to protect your equipment, tools and parts.



Bulkheads are the most commonly installed safety and security accessories in work vans, mostly because they serve dual purposes. First, a bulkhead prevents airborne equipment, tools and parts – some of which are very sharp or heavy – from stabbing you in the back or smashing into your head in an accident. Second, if thieves get into the cab of your van, a bulkhead will keep them out of the back.

 Locking Ladder Rack

Ladder Racks

It’s a little harder to secure ladders stored on the outside of the vehicle. One good option is to install padlocks on your ladder rack release mechanisms.


The latest in camera technology is coming to the aftermarket world, such as around-view camera systems. You can have up to three cameras installed, and they record 24/7 to document attempted burglaries, car accidents and vehicle misuse. Typically a system includes one rear-view camera and two cameras on the front fender, one on each side facing toward the van.

Your cargo van is your life, and life can be good with a few extra security measures for the interior and exterior. If you need help figuring out and installing what’s best for your work van and your business, give us a call or stop in. We’ll make sure you don’t just rest easy at night, but also each time you leave your van during every workday.


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