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12 Starting Points for the Perfect Plow

12 Starting Points for the Perfect Plow

Use these 12 points to select the ideal straight, V- or movable wing snowplow for your operation

by Jerry Holman

There’s a lot to consider when preparing to buy a new snowplow, whether you’re new to the snow removal business or have been at it for years. To determine whether you need a straight plow (a.k.a. angle plow), a V-plow (a.k.a. vee plow), or a movable wing plow, you’re going to need to consider everything from up-front and maintenance costs to the kind of plowing projects you’ll be taking on.

It can be confusing or even seem overwhelming, but these 12 basic points will get you on the right track. After that, the key will be to work with a dealership that will walk you through all the snowplow variables and particulars of your business to identify the ideal plow for maximizing productivity and profitability.

Straight Plow 

  • The straight plow, which is also known as an angle plow, has the simplest design, fewest parts and lowest costs to purchase and maintain.
  • It is the best option for small parking lots, congested areas and driveways.
  • For plowing larger areas, the straight plow offers the poorest efficiency, i.e., it’s the slowest.
  • It’s generally lighter than the others, and some can be fitted to small trucks like ½-tons and Jeeps.

See a straight plow in action.


 Snowex V plow

  • The V-plow, which is also known as a vee plow, is more expensive to purchase and maintain than a straight plow because it has two cutting edges and more solenoids, valves, hoses and other parts.
  • This type of plow is the best for clearing trails and sidewalks and busting through tough drifts or deep snow.
  • The V-plow is more efficient – i.e., is faster – than a straight plow for large areas because in the inverted “V” position you’ll be able to carry more snow.
  • It’s the easiest to transport over long distances because it cuts the wind resistance in the “V” position.

See a vee plow in action.


Movable Wing Plow

web snowEx_plow

  • The movable wing plow is the most expensive of the three types of plows to purchase and maintain because it has three cutting edges and even more solenoids, valves, hoses, cylinders and other parts.
  • It provides the best efficiency – i.e., is the fastest – for plowing large areas.
  • The movable wing plow provides the greatest productivity when angle plowing because the forward wing stops snow from trickling off the leading edge of the blade.
  • It will carry significantly more snow than either a straight or V-plow. This will be valuable if you have to move snow to designated storage areas on your properties.

See a movable wing plow in action.

With these basic points covered, you’re ready to go deeper. For help or guidance on which plow – straight plow, V-plow or movable wing plow – is right for your business, contact Stonebrooke any time.

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